Getting started with our contactless payments solution

Welcome to CHK PLZ contactless payments

We're thrilled to have you join the CHK PLZ platform! You're now part of one of the fastest growing trends in the hospitality industry and we couldn't be more excited to be working with you.

Getting started

To make getting started with CHK PLZ a breeze for your team, we've created some training videos & documents for you and your staff to review. We want to make sure you're set up for success!

In this first video, I'll will walk you through how our customer facing product works and its main benefits for your business and staff. This is a perfect video to share with your entire staff before going live with our contactless payments. You can scroll past the video to read its script.

Quick overview

Guest simply scan a QR code at their table to identify where they are sitting, browse your menu, order with your waitstaff and pay for their meal at the end of their experience, all from the convenience and safety of their own device.

With CHKPLZ’s contactless payments, there are no paper menus, credit cards, receipts or payment terminals to touch. It gives your waitstaff more time to provide great hospitality without spending all that time focusing on collecting payment.

Our contactless payments can help you reduce your labor cost, increase table turn-over and increase sales and tips, all while offering your guest a safer and more efficient way to dine at your restaurant.

How it works

Guest can scan a QR code at their table with their phone camera to identify their table number. For smartphones that cannot recognize the QR code, guest can visit pay.chkplzapp.com and scan from there!

After scanning the QR code, guest can browse your menu on their device while still ordering with your waitstaff. Once your staff has punched in the order into the POS, guest see their bills has it appears on your point-of-sale. It’s important to remember to split any shared items onto separate seats to avoid any confusion for your guests.

From there, your guests can select the bills that pertain to them or select them all, choose their preference tip amount and pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay or by entering their credit card manually.

Guests are also prompted to review their experience at your restaurant and enter their emails for an electronic copy of their receipt!


Guest no longer have to wait for the bill or payment terminal and can avoid any unnecessary back and forth with your staff. This allows you to improve your table turnover and let your staff focus on provided a great experience for your guests.

Restaurant who have been most successful with our contactless payment solution, position it has the preferred method of payment. Servers introduce to guest at the start of their dining experience, help them scan the QR and take their order.

Existing restaurants have even seen an average increase of their TIPS of 18% per customer, thanks to an improved & safer customer experience, faster table turnover and providing great hospitality.

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