Letting your customers know about your new contactless payment solution

Now that you’ve adopted contactless payments, it’s important to communicate that with your customers. Not only are you making customers feel at ease knowing they can now pay in a contactless way, you are also doubling down on your commitment to uphold the best safety protocols during COVID-19.

Share on social media

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to communicate with your customers to announce you've adopted contactless payments. It's important to be clear and consist with your post to gather your customer's attention.

Here 's what you should include in your post to maximize the audience you reach.

Adding the image of our table card to your restaurant's interior or exterior is a great option.

The picture

It's always best to include a picture of our table cards within your establishment in your post. This is a great way to create anticipating for your customers to entice them come to your establishment, while showing them exactly what CHK PLZ is all about.

You can download an image of our table cards without a background here.

The caption

It's great to include a quick description of what CHK PLZ is and how our contactless payment solution works. This way, you're educating your customers before they even come to your business!

Here's a sample caption that you could use {insert link here}.

Who to tag

Make sure you tag us in any social media post to increase your post's visibility. When you tag our Facebook page or Instagram account (@chkplzapp), our marketing team will share your post to bring it more visibility! You can even go as far as tagging your POS provider to entice them to share your post within their network.

Here's are our POS partners' Instagram accounts to tag: Lightspeed: @lightspeedhq, Cluster: @clusterpos & Veloce: @posveloce

Examples from some of our customers

Here are some great examples from some of our customers announcing that CHK PLZ is now available at their restaurant.

Here’s a great Instagram post by Le Diplomate, a natural wine bar and restaurant in Montreal, to announce their reopening along with CHK PLZ. This is a great way to make sure your customers feel safe coming back to your establishment.

A more personal touch

Go a step further and include your staff to a create a more personal touch to your announcement. In this post, not only does the restaurant show that their staff is engaged, but they also took the opportunity to explain how CHK PLZ works in the caption.  

Up next...

Another great way to announce your new contactless payment solution is to pair it alongside a gift card giveaway for your customers. Not only is this a great way to encourage transactions, it’s also effective method to convert your guest into returning customers.

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