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Montreal, October 20th, 2021 - sunday, the fastest restaurant payment solution co-founded in April 2021 by Victor Lugger and Tigrane Seydoux, the French entrepreneurs behind The Big Mamma restaurant Group, and Christine de Wendel, a tech leader and e-commerce veteran, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Montreal-based CHK PLZ.

The CHK PLZ acquisition expands sunday's stronghold in the Canadian market and aligns both companies' vision on collaboration efforts around making technological solutions accessible to all establishments, thereby empowering restaurant owners in increasing efficiency, driving up sales and improving the overall dining experience with less staff than they had pre-pandemic. Statistics Canada reported that the restaurant sector went through a 56% decrease in employment in May 2020 when compared to February 2021, a loss that remained at 30% last February.

sunday and CHK PLZ both share the same passion for local restaurants and operate on the same basic principle of supporting local restaurants to survive in a post-pandemic world”, explained Sunday cofounder Victor Lugger. “The acquisition was a natural fit.”“We are thrilled to be joining the sunday journey to better support restaurants and bars across the country”, said Roberto Casoli, co-founder and CEO at CHK PLZ. “We firmly believe that technology will be the saving grace during these times of uncertainty. Together, CHK PLZ and sunday can usher in real change to introduce the Canadian market to the future of hospitality.” 

Roberto Casoli will become General Manager for Canada at sunday, while Eric Haniak and Olivier Eydt, respectively CHK PLZ co-founder & head of Sales and CHK PLZ co-founder & CTO, will remain within the company in their current roles, specific to the Canadian market.

CHK PLZ to the rescue of restaurant owners during the pandemic CHK PLZ started as an idea conceptualized by three engineering students from McGill University in 2018. With decades-old technology still dominating the market, they wanted to usher in the next evolution. Upon their graduation in 2019 and throughout a pandemic that forced change amongst restaurateurs, the team at CHK PLZ was steadfast in supporting the industry by expanding their product offering from QR-based payments toon-table ordering and online ordering and delivery. Their business grew to working with over 300 establishments across Quebec, among them some of the top restaurants in Canada.
"The CHK PLZ team supported the industry throughout thepandemic, explained Joe Beef chef-owner David McMilan. “As wewere going through one of the most difficult periods for restaurateurs, CHK PLZhelped in making things easier for both our clients and our staff. We arethrilled to be a part of their new journey with sunday and are ready to jointhe payment revolution!"
“Touchless payments frees up time so our staff canprovide an even better service to our clients”, said La Belle Tonki owner, Mitch Nguyen. “The end result, inaddition to the simplified payment itself, is an improved overall experiencefor our clientele. I’m happy to be part of the CHK PLZ plan.”
“CHK PLZ allowed us to have one to two less staffmembers on site compared to pre-pandemic”, added Cedric Charron, owner of Umami Ramen. “That made a bigdifference on several levels. Following that experience, and with the feedbackobtained, we are very happy to continue onward with CHK PLZ.”
In the restaurant business, the margins are small.We roll on volume to make our model sustainable. Therefore, CHK PLZ allowed usto survive during these rough times”, said Satay Brothers owner AlexWinnicki. “It’s a great system, and since they helped us get through, I’mmore than delighted to accompany them on the next chapter of their expansionwith sunday.”
A dazzling worldwide growth for sunday in the space of a few months
From April 2021 to September 2021, the introduction of sunday to restaurants around the globe has been extremely well received by both consumers and restaurateurs:

·       More than1,500 restaurants signed, which represents an annual transaction volume of $2billion CAD
·       Over 1,1million end users have paid with sunday
·       Over $1,2million CAD in tips have been given with sunday (40% higher than without the app)
·       12% higherbasket spent per table
·       10% faster table turnover

The CHK PLZ acquisition follows sunday's Series A fundraising of $100M USD last September and is foresight into future market demand.

The way people pay in restaurants is changing for good”, added Victor Lugger. “The intuition our team had five months ago is testament to a global trend supporting restaurant owners,their staff and their clients, from quick service to Michelin-star restaurants.

Roberto Casoli met Victor Lugger & Christine de Wendel while CHK PLZ was looking for venture capital to expand outside of Quebec. The original CHK PLZ team will play a key role in the future technological development of the sunday solution with a new head of Engineering for North America coming on board shortly.

We will grow our Montreal-based team to develop and improve the sunday product offerings in order to better respond to the ever-changing needs of the post-COVID market and drive real change for all restaurant and bar owners and operators”, added sunday’s new General Manager for Canada, Roberto Casoli.

In the short term, Canadian users can continue to use the CHK PLZ solutions. It will be integrated into the sunday universe in the coming weeks.

About sunday
Sunday is a restaurant payment solution designed to facilitate transactions between clients and restaurateurs. With the help a QR code, the customers can split the bill, tip and pay in as little as 10 seconds. In 2020, tested across Big Mamma’s restaurants in London, Paris and Madrid, sunday proved its worth and exceeded industry expectations. sunday has since signed some of the biggest names in the industry and are revolutionizing restaurant payments as we know it. Out with the old, in with the new – sunday is here to stay. For more information, visit

For more information,visit

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