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La belle tonki - Customer since july. 2020

La Belle Tonki improves staff efficiency by going contactless

After taking over his mom's restaurant with his childhood friend, co-owner Mitch Nguyen has transformed La Belle Tonki into a Montreal favourite, often describing his restaurant as a "community center" for his loyal customers. With walls decked out with old-school kung-fu & manga photos and a hip-hop soundtrack, La Belle Tonki creates the perfect mix between a party vibe and homey comfort.

"CHK PLZ frees up time so our staff can provide an even better service to our customers."

Mitch, Co-owner of La Belle Tonki


With COVID-19 restrictions limiting La Belle Tonki's capacity in an already limited seating plan, Mitch struggled to find a solution to save his staff time & improve their efficiency to flip tables quicker.

During their peak hours, he found his staff struggling to juggle bringing the check, payment terminal, closing tables and wiping down menus for sanitary reasons - all at the expense of the guest's experience.


With CHK PLZ, La Belle Tonki was able to increase their efficiency while going contactless. Mitch's staff can now focus on providing an even better service to their loyal customer base. By eliminating steps for his staff, they have more time to better explain their "funky" menu & serve more customers during their peak hours. Best of all, his customers leave more freely and less frustrated without having to wait to pay.
Go contactless & serve more customers during your rush
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(up 8% with CHK PLZ)
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