Tendresse avoids reprinting menus & doubles down on zero-waste.

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We brunch, we lunch, we dine.  Perfect for a break or for a coffee on the go. Serving bold dishes, gourmet cocktails, a daring all organic wine list, and all vegan. Bistro Tendresse, found in the heart of Montreal's gay village, prides itself on being a zero-waste restaurant - if it can't be eaten, it's compostable!


To stay true to their roots, co-owner Catherine St-Cyr wanted to avoid reprinting menus at all cost for COVID-19 sanitary reasons. She was looking for a solution that would allow her to easily update her ever-changing organic wine list, while providing a digital solution for her customers to view her menus.


With CHK PLZ, Bistro Tendresse was able to bring their menu completely online powered by CHK PLZ's QR menu solution. Rather than reprinting menus on a weekly basis, Catherine can now easily update her menu online and have guests view it by simply scanning a QR code.

Best of all, thanks to our contactless payments, Catherine was able to double down on her zero-waste mission by eliminating the need to provide printed receipts to her customers.

Go contactless & avoid reprinting your menu and customer receipts.

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