Motel goes contactless to improve table turnover & serve more customers.

Touchless payments

Since opening their doors over 3 years ago, Motel Restaurant has become one of Hamilton’s best brunch spots. Motel is known for their vibrant interior and use of rich, flavourful ingredients, while even sprinkling gold flakes on their pancakes.


Like other local restaurant owners, Motel’s co-owner Chris Hewlett was looking to offer his guests a contactless environment in preparation to re-open after COVID-19 closures. With their premium brunch service closing every day at 3pm, Motel often had a waitlist of over 100 people.

Before implementing CHKPLZ, Chris had to rely on limiting dine-in times to 75 mins to maintain a healthy table turnover rate to get more customers through his doors.


With CHK PLZ, Chris was able go contactless and successfully re-open Motel Restaurant following COVID-19 closures. With nearly 70% of his guest paying with CHK PLZ, Motel has been able to flip tables faster to serve more guests during their peak hours – all while improving their customer experience.

No longer spending valuable time bringing payment terminals, staff can focus on providing an exceptional service, which has been evident from a 9% increase in tips.

Motel's average tip
Dine-in transactions with CHK PLZ

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