Escondite improves their customer experience during peak hours

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Mexican style art, graffiti & neon signs. From the second you walk into Escondite, you'll be transported to a colourful Mexican atmosphere with flavours of Montreal. Opened back in 2015, Escondite, named after "a hidden place" in spanish, now boast 5 locations across Montreal. Known for their sharing plates & cocktails, you'll be sure to have a fiesta every time you go!


As a popular group dining experience, Saman Behjoudi, owner of the West Island franchise wanted to transform his guest experience during their rush hours on weekends.

He noticed customers were often waiting long amounts of time to settle their checks. His staff also had to sacrifice time & efficiency passing a payment terminal to customers one-by-one. With COVID-19 closures coming to an end, Saman was eager to find a contactless solution to improve his guest experience.


With CHK PLZ, Escondite West Island was able to successfully re-open their location post COVID-19 closures with an enhanced guest experience. Saman was able to improve his staff efficiency & save precious time to better serve all their guests - ensuring no customer is left waiting for the check ever again.

Average tip with CHK PLZ
4.7 ⭐
Avg. review left with CHK PLZ

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